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New Laws for the New Year



It's a new year and you know what that means? It means that -- with the host of new laws that took effect on Jan. 1 -- if you're not paying attention then you're probably breaking the law.

• Plan to smoke? Not in the state's buildings you don't. All smoking is outlawed in buildings owned or leased by the state. But this probably won't stop that cluster of smokers from gathering in front of state-owned buildings and sucking on their cancer sticks.

• Are you a convicted felon? If you are and plan to run for office in North Carolina, you're going to have to tell everyone all about it. If you fail to answer the question, you've just committed another felony.

• Want a liquor license? Then you better recycle. Bars and restaurants that go through a lot of glass must have a recycling plan if they want to get a liquor license.

• They already do it in Mecklenburg County, but now all jailers have to ask inmates about their immigration status across the state. All that the jailers have to do is take the word of the criminal for the truth and the immigration issue is reportedly resolved.


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