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New Artists 2008



Exhibit: New Artists 2008

Dates: Showing now through July 1

Location: Elder Gallery, Suite 101, 1427 South Blvd.

Info: 704-370-6337 or

Elder Gallery opens its doors to its latest group of talented artists. Bringing together the best of the West and East Coasts in a triumph of textures, styles and points of view, this exhibit features the works of Sheri Skeahan of North Carolina, David Benson of South Carolina, Gage Opdenbrouw of California and Angelita Surmon of Oregon.

Each artist brings his or her original pieces as well as influences from the environments they call home. Opdenbrouw offers the beauty of the California sunset. Benson uses his watercolors to render portraits of Southern life. Skeahan displays her abstract works with the use of texture and color. And Surmon takes us to the majestic forests of the Northwest.

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