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Neal Harper's Top Five

Owner of the Milestone



Neal Harper is the owner of the Milestone. His title of choice is "owner/operator/janitor." Harper's affiliation with the famed music venue began at age 15 when he started helping out the previous owner by running sound, cleaning up and fixing speakers. He eventually left and founded Queen City Underground, but just couldn't stay away.

1) Music: " Everything, man. Bluegrass, rock and roll, classical, jazz, country. Don't care for Christian polka. German is okay; you can get drunk to it, but not Christian polka."

2) TV/Movies: "I don't watch TV. Not into movies. I saw some movies for the first time at the movie night we hold here."

3) Travel: If he could live anywhere in the world, it'd be Costa Rica. "I lived there for a year. Loved it!"

4) Free time: "Riding scooters and playing music. I bought [my scooter] on eBay; it's some kind of Chinese bike ... Chingchi ... not a name you would recognize. I spend 98 percent of my time running the club and 1 percent with my scooter.

5) Vinyls: I'm into vinyls. Three of my favorites are an '89 Angry Johnny & The Snots, a signed Xiu Xiu, and Dixie Witch's Smoke & Mirrors, a special smoked vinyl with blended colors."

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