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Nate Davis

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Rocket scientist turned webmaster and photographer, Nate Davis is finally where he wants to be. He's the creator of, a Web site that posts pictures of Lake Norman parties and information on upcoming lake entertainment.

Davis was once the lead mechanical designer for the propulsion system of the tactical Tomahawk missile in Arizona, but didn't mix well with the corporate world.

A mechanical engineering major at Tennessee Tech University, Davis was also president of his Phi Delta Theta fraternity. It was here that public relations became second nature to him.

Life on Lake Norman wasn't always fun, and before Davis stepped into the scene, a laundry list of boating regulations made trying to party on the water a real drag. When he was appointed as Mecklenburg County Marine Commissioner in 2005, he knew that his Web site would be a voice for the people who cared, and it still is.

According to Davis, helping people to have fun is exhausting. "Strained? I'm strained to the masses," he says. "It's discouraging a lot of times when the business, as a whole, isn't growing as fast as you want, but it's a part of business. I'm playing this whole business as a game, and hopefully I win it."

He hopes to take his business to larger cities, "maybe even uptown Charlotte," he says laughingly.

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