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NASCAR Fan Profiles


Bob Morgan

Stats: 43-year-old white male currently serving as president of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Resides: Charlotte

Bio: Bob moved to Charlotte from Rome, N.Y. at the age of six. His dad had grown up in Cabarrus County so he become familiar with racing at a very young age ... especially once his uncle married a distant cousin of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Bob can truthfully say he was there back in the day, as he spent many nights in the '70s watching Dale Sr. compete at Metrolina Fairgrounds (now Metrolina Expo). He graduated college from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and before being named president of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce he led the Gaston Chamber of Commerce. When he gets to ditch the suit and hit the tracks, he likes camping in the infield at Daytona and Charlotte.

Best quote: "There's nothing I like doing better than taking transplanted Yankees to a race and turning them onto NASCAR!"

Amanda DeHaven

Stats: 31-year-old white female currently working as an executive director for an association management group

Resides: Charlotte

Bio: Amanda was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. After moving to Atlanta during her high school years, she attended college at Florida State University where, along with a quality education, she was introduced to the unique culture of tailgating. Amanda took her college football tailgating experience and applied it to NASCAR and has been happily going to races ever since. She relocated to Charlotte seven years ago and has introduced both her husband and her older brother to racing but says neither appears to enjoy it as much as she does. She picked her driver, Jeff Gordon, after getting a chance glimpse of him at an appearance ... she thought he was cute. But she decided to stick with him after learning of his driving talents.

Best quote: "My mom and dad still can't believe I watch NASCAR!"

Rebecca Ramsey

Stats: 35-year-old South Korean female currently working as Assistant Director of Sales for Visit Charlotte

Resides: Concord, N.C.

Bio: Rebecca was born in South Korea and was adopted by an affluent U.S. couple at the age of 4 months. She grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and spent summers with her parents and extended family in Wisconsin. An avid soccer fan, Rebecca found herself at a race as a trade off with her husband who's a hardcore race fan. Her first race was at Richmond International Raceway in Virginia but rain nearly spoiled her first experience, although she did see just enough to think it was pretty amazing. A couple of years later she and her husband relocated to Charlotte and she found herself sitting in the stands for a Busch series race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. They'd gotten to the track early enough to catch the Cup guys during Happy Hour (a practice session) and that's when it happened. "I'll never forget it. Kurt Busch spun out right in front of us. The adrenaline ... the smell ... I was hooked."

Best quote: "Yes, I own a copy of Days of Thunder. I mean what NASCAR fan doesn't?"

Julie Dill

Stats: 48-year-old white female currently serving as president of a Canadian utility company

Resides: Chatham, Ontario (Canada)

Bio: Julie was born and raised in New Mexico. After college she moved to Houston, Texas and while she was living there she accompanied a boyfriend to a race at Talladega Superspeedway and was "knocked out" by the experience. That was 10 years ago and she's still going strong. When she's not leading international business groups she's probably busy configuring her fantasy race team for the week. According to Julie, NASCAR will always have their traditional race fans but she doesn't mind (see quote).

Best quote: "I have this executive persona but I've got red in my neck, too ... and I'm proud of it!"

Danielle "Dani" Jetton

Stats: 35 year-old African-American female currently working as a network administrator for a small think tank in Washington D.C.

Resides: Arlington, Va.

Bio: Dani grew up as an only child in Columbus, Ohio. Her father loved sports, but more in the traditional vein of football, baseball and basketball. She ended up at a NASCAR race as the result of a New Year's resolution pact she made with good friends to try new things. Not one to go into things blindly, Dani decided she'd watch a couple of races and at least pick a driver before she'd go to an actual race. Her grueling research for picking her driver came to an end once she discovered Jimmie Johnson shared a birthday with one of her good friends. Her first race was the 2005 Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway and as fate would have it, Johnson would win by .027 second over Bobby Labonte. Describing herself as being one with an addictive personality, watching the races on TV up to that point had drawn her in but finally experiencing a race live solidified the addiction. As for the others who also made the pact -- none have gone to a race.

Best quote: "Races provide for the best people watching on the planet, but you could say that about the county fair"


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