Naked Gods, Other Colors, The Lolllpops

When: Sat., July 13 2013

LOLLIPOPS These Lollipops are the vehicle-treat of precocious and prolific singer/songwriter Iggy Cosky. The young Raleigh native’s been at it since age 14, and claims the songs just “pour out of his head.” That’s not always good news, but so far Cosky’s been wise enough to only take the best of them to flesh out. And if his 2012 DiggUp Tapes debut Pop Narcotics is any yardstick, he’s pretty good at this. Anyone with enough miles on them to remember the ’90s will file this under “lo-fi,” but as per, that’s too simplistic. With their plentiful drug references and drum machine beats, these bedroom-studio creations may recall F.M. Cornog’s East River Pipe — though you hope for Cosky’s sake he doesn’t slide down that creativity-killing rabbit hole of addiction. But Cosky’s sense of melody and the occasional dance floor-friendly rhythms suggests a nascent Stephin Merritt, too, though he’s not yet in that league of songwriting. Still, these early trifles have enough potential to suggest these Lollipops may someday reveal a substantial center.

John Schacht

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