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MUSIC: Third Eye Blind

Sunday, Oct. 18



A colleague recently found himself in a flame-war with a representative of Third Eye Blind because he Twittered that "their limp brand of alterna-rock" and "mook" fans had soiled his tenure as a record-store clerk in the late '90s. (Fact: I suffered similar 3EB trauma working in a record store during that unfortunate era.) But the vehemence of this 3EB rep's counter-attack suggests the kind of insecurity that comes from a creeping awareness that, hey, that critic asshole may be right, and if so I've wasted years of my "semi-charmed life" listening to over-wrought cookie-cutter rock. With Hot Chelle Rae. $27-$52. 7 p.m. Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St. 704-358-9298.


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