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MUSIC: Tears for Fears at The Fillmore

Friday, Aug. 27



Whenever people bag on '80s pop rock (I'm usually leading the charge), a lotta folks reserve a little extra vitriol for Tears for Fears (unless, of course, they're doing karaoke, when it becomes OK to SHOUT/SHOUT/let it all out). And yes, there's the whole "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"/"Sowing The Seed of Love" period. But the duo also wrote "Mad World," still popular (if as a cover) after all these years, and "Head Over Heels," one of the finest singles of that era, and a decent amount of album cuts aside that far outweigh in emotional depth 80 percent of what is left of Top 40 radio today. Did they change the world? Hell no. But for a tiny little while, they did in fact seem to rule a tiny small part of it. With Wainwright. $34.50 and up. 8 p.m. The Fillmore Charlotte, 820 Hamilton St. 704-549-5555.


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