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MUSIC: Paul Oakenfold

Tuesday, Nov. 16



Paul Oakenfold is no ordinary DJ. Some may even argue that he's an electronic master. Since the '80s, Oakenfold has been producing a hodgepodge of cutting-edge sounds. The results of his work has earned him the opportunity to create remixes for big acts like U2, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, The Cure and more. But Oakenfold also crafts his own spread of songs, as is the case with his albums of originals, including 2002's Bunkka and 2006's A Lively Mind. Check out Oakenfold when he makes a stop in Charlotte for a live performance at Halo during his Facelift Tour. With Chuckie, Nervo, Nick Spain, Kosta X, Fotizo, R Wonz and Glojin. For more info, visit $25-$40. 9 p.m. Halo, 820 Hamilton St. 704-246-1752.


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