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Music: Oh, What Fun

Friday, December 28



Just in time for the holidays, a little hip-hop love comin' at ya. Atlantic Records is letting a few of their artists provide a lovely holiday serenade ... "Soon as I seen her, told her I'd pay for it/'Lil Mama the baddest thing around and she already know it" ... at Jingle Jam 2007. That's from headliner Plies' hit with Akon, "Hypnotized." The Ft. Myers, FL-based rapper also collaborated with Akon's labelmate T-Pain on his debut The Real Testament. Other performers include Gucci Mane and Gorilla Zoe & Playaz Circle. 8 p.m. $15-$35. Cricket Arena, 2700 Independence Blvd. 704-522-6500.


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