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MUSIC: Nick Oliveri

Wednesday, Jan. 27



You may know Nick Oliveri as the bearded, bass-playing fellow from Queens of the Stone Age, but if that's all you know, you're definitely stumbling around in the dark. Oliveri, who plays guitar and sings, should be more widely known for his own long-standing music project Mondo Generator, which he's led since 1997. He's also been involved in a number of other projects with acts such as Kyuss, The Dwarves and more. But, for his latest endeavor, he's gone solo and released Death Acoustic. The album, which is acoustic, features covers of both songs from bands Oliveri has worked with and of those he is a fan. This includes covers of songs by Queens of the Stone Age, The Dwarves, Raw Power, The Misfits, and others. Oliveri will perform an intimate acoustic set at Tremont Music Hall tonight. Let's just hope he keep his clothes on. $8-$10. 9 p.m. Tremont Music Hall, 400 W. Tremont Ave. 704-343-9494.


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