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John Legend - Ohio-born soul singer and pianist John Legend's solo debut, Get Lifted, was handpicked for release on Kanye West's Sony-affiliated label, Getting Out Our Dreams (GOOD). You've heard him before, of course: on Jay Z's "Encore," and most notably on West's spiritual smash "Jesus Walks." (West produced the album's first single, "Used to Love U.") Far from the horny bleating that passes for soul too often these days, Legend's debut suggests that the surname might not be such a stretch after all. Amos' Southend (Davis)


Julie Loyd CD Release - The third full-length from the Northampton, MA, wunderkind, The Waiting Room, captures the on-stage energy of the 23-year-old while expanding the studio dynamics that have brought her comparisons to Ani DiFranco and Jonatha Brooke. Though categorized as a folkie, Loyd's new one defies that description by sounding a lot more like something you'd hear on a smart alternative rock station - which is the brass ring Loyd is reaching for, offering no apologies in the process. With the Animators. The Evening Muse (Schacht)

Steep Canyon Rangers - These young rangers may linger momentarily in contemporary musical shades but hop right back out in the hot sun and never stray too far from traditional, smokin' bluegrass. They gelled at UNC Chapel Hill and after many gigs and three records are as musically tight as any outfit of geezers playing together for decades. The band invokes old-time bluegrass gatherings, whether they play in clubs or outdoor festivals. Visulite Theatre (Shukla)


Status Flow - The final hurrah for this Charlotte-based quartet after five full years in the trenches. SF built up a solid following throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states during their tenure, using a well-executed if overly familiar alt-rock formula that also earned them opening slots for Staind, Sevendust and Crossfade, among others. They'll be joined on-stage tonight by friends Semi-Pro, with Bridge on the bill as well. Amos' Southend (Schacht)

Stratocruiser - Risen from the ashes of North Carolina's Bullwinkel Gandhi (whose '96 release, Kung Pow! was big in Sweden - ja, really), Stratocruiser combine rock, power pop, garage, melodic hooks and a hint of psychedelia on their new record, Suburban Contemporary. Songwriters Mike Nicholson and Clay Howard must have spent a lot of time listening to early REM and the Go Betweens, because it shows, particularly in the chiming guitars that adorn almost every track. Nothing life-altering here, but should prove fun live. With Moossa, Girlyman and Verlon Thompson. Evening Muse (Schacht)

Tsunami Benefit w/ Truckstop Preachers - Truckstop Preachers are a Country and Western quartet from Rock Hill that recently changed their name from 4 on the Floor. They may have changed the moniker, but still wear those 10-gallon hats where an old-school honky tonk hoe-down begins early and doesn't let up till the cows come home. Their music is a combo of humor, pinpricks of rebel influences and plenty of real country. "Lonesome for Folsom," off 4OTF's record from last fall Cowboys and Engines, is a tune that summarily spells out the band's notions. Also on the hand for this benefit gig are Incognito Mosquito and Slick Shift. Double Door Inn (Shukla)


GWAR / Alabama Thunderpussy - If you don't know GWAR's, um, blood splattering, obscenity police-monitoring, montage of mayhem, then it's probably best to stand in the back of the room. GWAR's latest bunch of tunes, War Party, is another affair of no-holds-barred punk-metal-grind-lunacy. Hey, they're even politically charged - check the scorching "The Reaganator" from the aforementioned new disc. (Shukla) / Stuck between the cushions of the punk and stoner camps, Alabama Thunderpussy have variously recorded for the fetishized Man's Ruin and Relapse labels, but one thing's always remained a constant- the "thunder." The band lost vocalist Johnny Throckmorton a few years back -- a move that would kill most bands -- but has rebounded nicely with Ohio singer Johnny Weills (Barbed Wire Dolls), and a nice newish effort in Fulton Hill, a rawk-solid slab o' sludge. Tremont Music Hall (Davis)

Kristin Hersh / Ben Weaver - She started the feisty Throwing Muses 20 years ago with her half-sister Tanya Donnelly, and ever since Hersh has released poignant music with the Muses along with a stack of haunting solo records. (Shukla) / Big Ben Weaver's an imposing man, but even more imposing is the way he growls the pain away on the recent -- and quite excellent -- Stories Under Nails. Late novelist Larry Brown once called him "the most exciting young songwriter I've come across," and Brown knew good storytelling when he heard it. See our stories on Hersh and Ben Weaver in this issue. Visulite Theatre (Davis)

Lady Rap Show- This one's for the ladies...and by the ladies, too. Featuring DJ Lazy K, Charlotte's Chocolate Thai, Mekka Mills, Shelly-B, Isis, Saundra Lee, Mother Nature, and DJ Chela, tonight will feature nothing but women performers, up to and including the night's MC. Mekka Mills and DJ Lazy K might be the best known here, but who knows when you're gonna happen upon the next Jean Grae or Rah Digga? The Room (Davis)

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