ARToxication / Elevator Action CD Release -- The boys (and girl) in Elevator Action have a great new record they're releasing tonight, It's Just Addiction (MoRisen Records), and early listens suggest a candidate for local release of the year. Produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Mark Lanegan), the disc is a studio effort, but thankfully lacks none of the glam/slash/bang energy of the band's unhinged live shows. The Action are playing as part of the club's regular ARToxication showcase, an outlet for local artists of every stripe. The Steeple Lounge (Davis)

Civility Burns -- Discount Animosity is the recently finished debut disc from this quintet of clean-cut Cornelius lads. Recorded at Reflections Sound Studios, the disc is a relaxed record of intimate songs about love, stamp collecting and taxidermy. Actually, that may not be the case. Haven't heard 'em, and the band's website doesn't include any MP3s yet. With Sever the Tie, Knife Trade, Drive By Desire. Tremont Music Hall (Schacht)

David Allan Coe -- To some, he's an outlaw troubadour, playing well-reasoned, surprisingly tender tales of life on the outside looking in. To others, he's a shyster who still sells ridiculously bad "X-rated" records on his website, even as he says he looks to "distance" himself from them. Either way, he's about as unique as they come. Then again, so is Jim J. Bullock. With the Moonshine Racers. See our story in this issue. Neighborhood Theatre (Davis)

Ménage -- This is the Asheville-based female trio's first foray into our fair city. Their take on old-time, Andrews Sisters-style acapella and traditional American vocal pop makes for an intriguing entry. The trio has an almost retro sound of three-part harmonies perked up with lightly brushed percussion, acoustic guitars and bass. It's stripped-down acoustic jazz and swing where the vocals take the front seat. Their new disc, Miss Conduct, opens with "Tomatoes," a happy tribute to summer that kicks off the rest of the album's aura. With Marth's Trouble and Allison Tartalia. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

Sting / Annie Lennox -- Sting is into his third decade of cranking out new age pop and jazz-influenced rock hits. Annie Lennox has been churning out gal power, R&B-fused, VH1-styled records since the demise of the Eurythmics, all propped up by her quixotic voice. See cover story in this issue. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Shukla)

Tom Constanten & His Able-Bodied Posse -- He's got the pedigree, having studied with Boulez and Stockhausen, scored theatre and film, and that little matter of a record-long stint in a small avant-garde 'Frisco blues band -- Grateful something or another. Now, he's got what he's always wanted: a band. Specifically: Hendrix "Hooter" Hough (drums, vocals), Ted "The Kid" Henderson (bass), and Ken Foust (guitar, lead vocals). Having not heard any of the folks above, I can't say for sure what the Posse will sound like, but bet on it to be blues-based and full of the gollygeewillikers ivory runs that served him so well in his previous band. Whatever their name was. Visulite Theatre (Davis)

Bain Mattox Band -- Polished to a near blinding sheen, this Atlanta band's music is radio friendly fare of the "omigod, they are soooo cute" variety, located somewhere between, say, Matchbox 20, Sister Hazel and Shawn Mullins. Turns out their producer, Don McCollister, has worked with the latter two, which explains the sound. What it doesn't explain is what they're doing at the Muse. After a listen I had to double-check the venue -- only to discover this is not the first BMB gig there. Just goes to show what I know -- they probably packed the joint then and may do so again. With Part-Time Heroes. The Evening Muse (Schacht)

Crisis CD Release -- The title track from Crisis' Shakey Ground should be on regular rotation at any given classic rock station. The fact that this track is off a new release doesn't matter as Crisis has made a recording that's full of tunes where Dylan can rear his head, Mersey Beat reigns and the Byrds bring it all home. The disc opens with a Spanish-guitar intro and seesaws up and down with rockers and laid-back acoustic numbers. There are no tricks or flashy duds here, just tightly written tunes produced by Jamie Hoover. But this is not some retro trip; Crisis salute the past but don't abandon contemporary mores on the backburner. With Donna Duncan and Willie Evans Band. Double Door Inn (Shukla)

Paul Thorn -- Thorn, a one-time minor boxer, writes stories that are brought to life with bits of Southern gospel and R&B, country rock and a healthy heaping of blues. His latest offering, Are You With Me?, is a mellow, folk-country affair that highlights Thorn's "been around the block" lyrical touch. Neighborhood Theatre (Shukla)

Treephort -- Invited to play the holier-than-thou Warped Tour last year, Treephort wasted no time in delivering a 20-minute napalm blast of nerd-friendly punk rock. Oh, and their two male singers made out, lit their crotches on fire, drank Yoo-hoo, threw it back up, and then necked some more. If you care -- and you should, as the band's actually got some good chops, antics be damned -- they have a new CD, Enchanted Forest, out this summer on Springman Records. With 80s Combat, Fleshhouse and Mr. Chainsaw. SK Net Cafe (Elizabeth Ave.) (Davis)

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