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Go Machine -- Chapel Hill band deconstructs sound using ambient scapes and rhythm adjustments incorporating turntables, violin, computers, Theremin, doumbek, accordion and more. It works in a pop contortionist manner, while keeping melody in check. Damn intriguing. Fat City (Shukla)


DJ Rap -- The possessor of model-like looks, an excellent junglist sensibility behind the wheels of steel, and a damn fine singing voice, DJ Raps one of those women that can start a catfight pretty quick. Did I mention shes signed to Sony? Yeah, theres that, and the fact shes started a new label, Proper Talent, proving that not even the business world is off-limits to her world domination. Nice coup for a club thats continuing to pull in some top acts, despite their relatively small size. Tonic (Davis)

Lanky -- A one-man pop band who offers nicely honed guitar riffs that kinda float along but do manage to give a few slaps to the back before converging into sedate folk-pop. Most of the time, however, the NJ songster throws in enough reflective lyrical spikes, delivered in a clean voice with melodic turns, to sustain the groove. With Fisher. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

Les Dirt Clods -- At long last, Les Dirt Clods (The Dirt Clods to any dumbass who still hates anything French in origin) are making progress on their much-awaited debut record. The band has been recording at the Mebane, NC, studio owned by Rick Miller (Southern Culture on the Skids), with an eye towards an autumn release. Expect plenty of Stones-y swagger, with enough sweet Southern refrains and instrumental flourishes that youll never doubt its true origins. With the Clods is pal Nicole Atkins, currently based out of New Jersey and possessor of a big-time voice and a knack for writing catchy melodies, and Tyre Fyre, a new band featuring John Morris (Snagglepuss) and Brent Dunn (Alternative Champs, etc.). Double Door Inn (Davis)

Penny Royalty -- Whew, heres a trio of bare-knuckled, accelerated rockers taking notes from, but not limited to, the likes of Mudhoney and the Stooges. The Winston-Salem based band struts along and takes no prisoners with their bombastic bass and marching drums which arent quite ready to take a back seat to the mighty, fuzzed out guitar. Highly recommended. With The Close. The Steeple Lounge (Shukla)

Tift Merritt / Chatham County Line -- Whether or not the bottom-line mentality of the suits at Lost Highway think they hear a single on the next album (still think its an indie major label?), Tift Merritts already made her name with the excellent Bramble Rose and all the other fine projects shes had a hand in (if you havent already, search out her excellent duet album with John Howie of the Two Dollar Pistols). No word yet if the next one will be a Lost Highway release, but itd be their loss, not hers. To hear such a large, beautiful voice come out of such a petite gal is rather shocking the first time around, but as they say, its the heart that counts. (Davis)

The self-titled debut record from Raleighs Chatham County Line sways and swings with some seriously melodic bluegrass. Its the three-part harmonies and the sweet sparring of mandolin and banjo that creates an old-time summer evening hoedown feel while keeping toes firmly planted in the present. The country laced bluegrass record, with co-production work by Chris Stamey, is a winner and includes an intoxicating cover of Dylans I Shall Be Released with Merritt on backing vocals no less. Visulite Theatre (Shukla)


Animal Aid -- Several bands have donated their musical services this evening for a benefit being organized by Animal Fund and the money raised will be used to help rescue and spay/neuter ferals. Local and regional bands, presenting a nice mixed bag, include Home Remedy, Paradox VI, floJo, Gruv Union and One Year Later. Pucketts Farm Equipment (Shukla)

Belmont Playboys -- OK, so theyre maybe not rockabilly proper. Then again, neither was Social Distortion, and I dont see anyone jumping on Mike Ness case about it. Round these parts, the Playboys and offshoots have become almost a lifestyle choice for those interested in early rock, car culture, tattoos and dark denim. Its no-bullshit stuff, and while the bloodlines might not be the purest ever, the V-twin attitude behind it certainly is. Would that they get one mid-level label record out before they decide to hang up the Harley jackets. With the like-minded Turbo ACs and High School Hellcats. Fat City (Davis)


Slobberbone -- Denton, TX, band Slobberbone get advertised in magazines like No Depression as well as rock & roll rags, and well they should. The band combines traditional roots rock/barfly songwriting with huge slabs of feedback to create a brand of country punk thatll keep your ears ringing even as the choruses play on repeat in your head. Singer Brent Best snarls and rips his way through a set like an Oklahoma twister, and when he grinds into the chorus of Gimme Back My Dog, youre so scared you offer him yours. If theres a criticism of the band, its that singer Best sounds so much like an East Texas version of Pogues frontman Shane McGowan (minus the accent) at times one wants to check his teeth just to make sure. The Muse better reinforce those front windows. The Evening Muse (Davis)


Scott Miller & the Commonwealth -- The ex V-Roy guitarist is on the road showcasing his new disc, Upside Downside (Sugarhill). This time around hes got a sack full of roots related tunes including, southern boogie, rockabilly, and of course plenty of country-rockers with the requisite ballad(s) keeping the whole thing together. Its all highlighted by a ripping bluegrass cut called Ciderville Saturday Night. Double Door Inn (Shukla)

Woodenhead -- Proof here that all prog/fusion rock need not be an ungrounded wankfest. Jimmy Robinson and company always invite a few oddballs to the musical party -- some wah trombone, perhaps, or the odd Celtic touch -- but this is a NOLA band at heart, just spicy enough to get the endorphins going. Their newest, Perseverance, is a fine document of what the band can do live -- imagine Robert Fripp playing with The Dixie Dregs, perhaps, with a surprise appearance by the Horny Horns. The Room (Davis)

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