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Honeychild -- A groove rock band recently relocated to our neck of the woods from Arizona, this sextet has an assorted classic rock sound with mellow underpinnings sung by an able female vocalist. It's your better than average, straight-ahead rock & roll band with plenty of percussive sidebars and keyboards adding to the standard guitars, bass and drums. Double Door Inn (Shukla)

Ribbon of Highway: Endless Skyway -- Perhaps you read our story on this tour in last week's issue. If not, allow me to summarize. Some pretty darn good roots music folks are traveling around, Woody-style, and playing the man's music. To boot, all the performances are augmented with narratives taken from Woody's life. Oh yes, the folks -- they include Slaid Cleaves, Ellis Paul, Eliza Gilkyson, Jimmy LaFave, Johnny Irion and Sarah Lee Guthrie (Woody's granddaughter). Neighborhood Theatre (Davis)


Janis Ian -- The tireless Ms. Ian had her first hit, "Society's Child," at 15. While she never achieved the same level of success that "Child" brought her, she continued to mature as an artist, most notably with the album Between the Lines. Now a Nashville resident, Ian certainly hasn't let the sap and saccharine of that town bog down her songwriting, which is as pointed as ever. Sylvia Theatre, York, SC. (Davis)

Poprocket / The Rachel Nevadas -- Jay Garrigan and Poprocket are releasing their CD this evening. They rock out with sonic power pop strummed, plucked and snapped with delectable abandon. The trio creates a bigger sound than your average indie rock band with intensity on the melodic side. Meanwhile, The Rachel Nevadas are quirky rockers taking cues from Weezer and Matthew Sweet while exposing a knack for spinning a rock ditty. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

Porterhall TN / Hobart Willis & the Back Forty -- Molly Conley and Gary Roadarmel are the core of the fictional town and band moniker known as Porterhall TN. The duo's punk background gives their take on honky tonk a bracing twist where the twang of teardrops is followed by the thud of a teeth-grinding crunch, usually within the same chord progression. The result is a potent camaraderie of rotating male/female vox. NC's Hobart Willis & The Back Forty play country music mimicking a steady rolling train. Willis can also cook up Tex-Mex as well as potent Carolina hooch. Puckett's Farm Equipment (Shukla)


Murdercycle -- Composed of former headz from Ublisch (still the greatest marketed Charlotte band of all time) and Seducer, Murdercycle, along with Semi-Pro and Black Lagoon, continue to be one of the more intriguing heavy acts around. They're muscular yet lithe, in the vein of someone like the Hellacopters. Swede-free, however. Dixie's Tavern (Davis)

Voodoo Glow Skulls -- Ska lends itself as a foundation for Voodoo Glow Skulls, who take it and hammer away with punk rock, Latino beats and sing/scream-along lyrics. They alternate lyrics in Spanish as an added treat. The whole package then runs the gamut, pushing musical envelopes in all directions. Steady As She Goes (Victory Records) is their latest slab o' sounds percolating with the usual twisted sense of humor and guitars blazin'. Also on the bill are Roger Miret (from NYC's Agnostic Front) and the Disasters. Tremont Music Hall (Shukla)


Great Big Sea / Carbon Leaf -- Newfoundland's Great Big Sea play squeaky clean rock on the Celtic and folk tip. It's their sense of melody and warm harmony that lends itself to repeated listening and keeps it above the routine of the ordinary. They create memorable sing-along tunes with the added sway of Bouzouki, mandolin and fiddle. Carbon Leaf is a like-minded Virginia outfit that tilts the knobs more on the rocking side. Neighborhood Theatre (Shukla)


The Silos -- Walter Salas-Humara, leader of the semi-legendary Silos, might be the Stephen Malkmus of the roots country set, featuring cut-and-paste wordplay and low-fi settings for real high-fidelity emotions. Shows are rather loose and ragged, but for this kind of music, it works fine. Depending on the night, the lyrical and emotional ground the band covers isn't polished, but then again, affairs of the heart never are. Double Door Inn (Davis)

Steve Kimock Band -- Kimock, sometimes guitarist for The Other Ones (The Dead) or Phil & Friends, is still using the same hybridized guitar style he brought to the above bands, albeit with a little more jazzbo flair. Muscular rhythms and spin-o-riffic musical curlicues are both par for the course with Kimock, who Jerry Garcia once called his "favorite unknown guitar player." His band, which included Alphonso Johnson on bass and Rodney Holmes on drums, set Kimock off nicely with their session player-slick low end. Visulite Theatre (Davis)

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