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The Greencards The Greencards do that high-energy acoustic thing (think Nickel Creek with a lil' more edge) better than most. Their status as Austinites is rather tenuous, however, they include two Australians (Carol Young and Kym Warner) and one lad from Great Britain (Eaton McLoughlin). All in all, however, their most recent offering, Viridian, is a decent enough slice of jangle-grass, saved by Young's sweet vocals and Warner's Chris Thile-style mandolin runs. With The Everybodyfields. McGlohon Theatre (Timothy C. Davis)


Pelican Pelican are graceful, as the name implies. Their music has a certain wide-wing glide to it, and can go from ground-bound to soaring in the drop of a hi-hat. However, their avian counterparts are also known for their outsized mouths, something this L.A.-based instrumental band just ain't feelin'. Like the band Isis (whose Aaron Turner owns the band's label, Hydra Head), they're referred to by some wags as post-metal: equal parts doom, sheer eardrum-assaulting volume and a mysteriously melodic pop sensibility. And yet, most of the progenitors of the genre, even as far back as 1970, knew that a hummable tune, no matter how heavy, sticks a listener heavier than a dumptruck load of sheer brutality. With Black Cobra, Unearthly Trance. Tremont Music Hall (Davis)


Jackyl The '90s rockers are not slowing down any time soon. Instead, they're squeezing worldwide shows into their 2008 concert calendar. Their 15-year-plus history includes collaborations with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, a performance at the 1994 Woodstock and the original chainsaw solo. One of their latest projects, Live at the Full Throttle Saloon, was recorded at the annual Sturgis biker rally in 2003. Junkbox opens. Amos'. (Chey Scott)


Chops This Asheville-based quintet is quite adept at cranking quick and short surf and roll ditties, slowing down just enough to snag a brew and then it's off again with rubber burning. They may not hit the road in a souped-up American muscle car, but they've been surfing up a rep around these parts with raw and unrefined rock. Any outfit that shakes things up in the musical realm is okay in my book. Tonight's triple bill also features Angwish and Timbre Tambour. Milestone (Samir Shukla)

Iron Cordoba These deranged headbangin' lads are poised to hit the stage at tonight's Irish-themed paar-tay. Their drunken metal ballad "Irish Kiss" will get the ball rolling and guitar mayhem is guaranteed to ensue. The guests for this early St. Patty's Day evening of shenanigans and debauchery include the Prairie Belt Boys, the infamous Mistress Collette, and fast-spinning DJs. Snug Harbor (Shukla)

Woody Wood & Hollywood Red Wood's signature is wonderfully ragged Appalachian country-rock and roots folk peppered with a dash of bluegrass. Hailing from Western N.C., Aaron "Woody" Wood is a singer/songwriter and guitarist enmeshed in old-school blues and rock played with battered six-strings and battered amps. His work over the years with the much-missed the Blue Rags has sharpened his songwriting cred. Melissa Alesi opens. Double Door Inn (Shukla)


Rademacher Fresno is just one of several bleak Central Valley shitholes so far from California's sun-dappled beaches and Golden Gates they might as well be in Kansas. These are places where glue-sniffing and binge-drinking are accepted coping mechanisms until you're old enough to get out and start forgetting on your own. But they've also produced some fine bands creating excitement in inverse proportion to their city's lack of it: Modesto birthed Grandaddy, and Pavement put Stockton on the map. Fresno's Rademacher hasn't reached those heights, but their promising debut, Stunts, sounds like the dysfunctional love-child of a Talking Heads/Jason Lytle/Arcade Fire three-way – which seems like an even better means of escape. With L.A. Tool & Die. Snug Harbor (John Schacht)


Rusted Root Rusted Root have fused jamming rock, pop-folk, Americana and even funk for almost two decades and the combo still retains the warm glow of heartfelt lyrics sung through the pipes of lead vocalist Michael Glabicki. The band isn't, um, rusty and sound inviting after years of playing and recording while the chemistry among members remains natural and unforced. While the band members are busy releasing solo recordings, apparently there's no new Root disc on the horizon. Amos' Southend (Shukla)


Michael BublÉ Add him to that list of singers that is sure to make men jealous and women swoon – Harry Connick Jr., Frank Sinatra and the like. The Canadian crooner released his third album, Call Me Irresponsible, last year. His smooth style is sure to keep the 32-year-old swinging for years to come. Charlotte Bobcats Arena (Jeff Hahne)

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