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MUSIC: Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

Friday, Nov. 21



Unusual musical combinations have varied over the past: Nelly and Tim McGraw in the song "Over and Over Again," Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow in "Picture," but one of the more peculiar is country star Reba McEntire and pop-rock gal Kelly Clarkson on a full-fledged tour together. Both artists will offer a little bit of both worlds on the 2 Worlds, 2 Voices Tour, which passes through Charlotte on Nov. 21. The tour has received multiple raving reviews, but it's probably in amazement of McEntire's ability to keep up with Clarkson. $50-$60. 8 p.m. Time Warner Cable Arena, 333 E. Trade St. 704-522-6500.


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