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MUSIC: Evan Dando

Tuesday, Feb. 9



For those of us old enough to know better, Evan Dando will probably be linked with Kurt Cobain in perpetuity. Though Cobain was always considered The More Serious Artist, both were reluctant MTV poster boys in the early '90s, scruffily-dressed Flannel Idols with sculpted good looks chiseled at the same granite factory. They both had healthy drug habits, too, which suffused their music. Drugs killed Cobain, of course, and when you're hanging out and recording with Rick James and his crack pipe between sex slave kidnappings in the mid-'90s, it's a good bet they nearly killed Dando, too. But he survived, and the weird thing is that, as I do the fine-wine maturing thing, I find those nifty little Lemonheads ditties have more staying power. With Kachina and The Activity. $15. 9 p.m. Tremont Music Hall, 400 W. Tremont Ave. 704-343-9494.


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