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MUSIC: Candlebox reunites




Nearly 10 years after the release of Candlebox's 1998 album Happy Pills, they've finally reunited and put forth a new CD (released this past July) called Into the Sun. If you've forgotten who these early '90s hard-alternative rockers are, then I'll refresh you with some of their hits, which included "Far Behind," "Change," "You," and "Simple Lessons." Ahhh ... the '90s ... we've missed you Candlebox. Despite that "Best Of" album release in '06, the band vanished. Out of sight, out of mind they were, but now they've returned to play music (and it doesn't stray too far from the band's original sounds of gritty vocals and hard rock either). The Kings Royal to open. $20-$23. 8 p.m. Amos' Southend, 1423 S. Tryon St. 704-377-6874.


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