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MUSIC: Ani DiFranco at Neighborhood Theatre

Friday, March 12



Indie singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco is the type of artist who does things her way. Of course, that means big issues in the world of record labels, so rather than sign and be bound to contract (and conflict), she started her own label, Righteous Babe in the early '90s. Since then her albums (and she's got a lot of them!) have flowed steadily, creeping up the charts and drawing a rabid fan base devoted to her independent, eclectic craftmanship of sounds. Her latest, Chicago 9.22.07 -- the twelfth release from her official bootleg series -- was released in December of 2009, following her '08 studio album, Red Letter Year. Erin McKeown opens. $35-$55. 8 p.m. Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St. 704-358-9298.