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Mother mayhem in Queen City


My mom, the queen bee, came down to the Q.C. to celebrate Mother's Day.

Now, my oldest sister is 44 years old. I haven't really partied with her, let alone our mom -- a sweet Southern lady from Louisiana. So, I didn't really know what to expect when I brought her along with me for Creative Lounging. I was worried I'd need to be on my best behavior and send her home in a pedi-cab by 10 p.m.

But our night somehow turned into all night, which included hijacking a limo to the Kanye West concert and a mom-napping.

A pedi-cab came and picked us up at my house and delivered us to Tilt on Trade where we met up with the Charlotte Roller Girls. I then got a text from CL street teamer Matt Wilcox inviting us to a suite to see Kanye and company.

We started making the trek to the arena and my mom saw a limo driver at an ATM machine.

"Go ask him how much it would cost to take us to the arena," she ordered. I just gave her the same kind of look that she gives me when I act up. "He's at the ATM, there's obviously no one in his car, DO IT!" Mother knows best, right? $15 later we arrived at the Bobcats, excuse me, Time Warner Cable Arena in a stretch limo.

When we got to the suite, my mom sat down and pretended she likes Kanye long enough for me to hear "All Falls Down," then I spared her and we returned to Tilt. I turned around for a second and my mom goes M.I.A. That's when I found her on the dance floor being gyrated on by some dude.

I walked up and said dude says to me, "Meet my mom!" Again, I gave her the look. "This is the brother you never knew you had," she joked. Yep, still looking at her. "Do you know him?" she asked, assuming I did. Know him I did not.

After Tilt, we made a pedi-cab stop at Cans for their Thursday $1 cans.

Then, on Saturday, we took a road trip to Asheville to go to the Biltmore's Festival of Flowers, and the mom I grew up with returned from the alternate universe of Uptown Charlotte.

She could be a tour guide -- she knew the name and growing habit of every plant and flower on the property. I kept waiting for her to tell me I was actually a love child of an affair she'd had with a Vanderbilt and that I was going to inherit the Biltmore. After all, she was full of surprises during her visit, so why not?

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