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Loafers rack up at NCWP Awards

Creative Loafing writers won four awards this year from the NC Working Press, which were presented May 3 in Greensboro at the NCWP Awards ceremony. The winners, and the judge's comments, are as follows:Matt Brunson won first place in Criticism. Judge's comments: "His 'I Am Sam' review gave me a laugh-out-loud moment. I enjoyed him even as he skewered one of my favorite actors. The man is sure of his material, and his broad knowledge of film informs a confident and winning style."

Tara Servatius won first place in Columns. Judge's comments: "Because her columns kick tail, take names and make sense. The last thing a government functionary probably wants to hear in North Carolina must be "Call from Tara Servatius.'"

Tim Davis won second place in Criticism. Judge's comments: "One of those pain-in-the-ass lefty critics you want to strangle as you read one paragraph -- but then you find yourself nodding in agreement in the next."

Sam Boykin won third place in the Profiles category for "The Amazing Story of the Fabulous Moolah." Judge's comments: "A sweet story about one tough broad."

The North Carolina Working Press is a 60-year-old organization that promotes the interests of reporters, copy editors, photographers, graphic designers, editors and other editorial employees of the state's newspapers.

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