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• Waterskiing Safety: "Don't ski in water that is not at least five-six feet in depth. Shallow waterskiing increases chances of skis hitting bottom or the skier hitting unseen obstacles under water, resulting in injury."

Source: www.waterski.about.com

• A Better Backstroke: In an article on USOlympicTeam.com, Olympic champion Lenny Krayzelburg advises swimmers to throw their head back for a better backstroke. "You start with your head," says Krayzelburg. "You want to throw your head back until you can almost see the other side of the pool. Ideally, that's what you want to do because it will help you have a better entry into the water. It will help you get your hips out of the water."

Source: www.usolympicteam.com

• Catching a Big-Ass Fish: "Landing that big fish into the boat is a critical time. If the fish is large, don't pull it out of the water with your line. The weight difference of that large fish from being in the water and out of the water can be enough to lose that big one. Wait for the net."

Source: www.landbigfish.com

• Sailing in a Swimsuit: "Sailing -- being a water sport -- often lures beginners into thinking it should be done in a swimsuit. Don't fall for this! First of all, it's nearly never as warm on the water as you'd imagine. You will quickly become chilled in a swimsuit, which will make you uncomfortable -- which will make you unhappy and disinclined to be enthused about sailing in general."

Source: www.sailing.about.com


• Basketball Handling: "Having a soft touch is very desirable, and really just means that rather than clanging off the rim, your ball dribbles softly around the edge -- due to your soft touch. To develop a soft touch, you want to have more rotation on the ball when you shoot and a higher arch to your ball."

Source: www.basketball.lifetips.com

• Tennis Grips: "For one handers, the most common grip -- for topspin -- is for the back of the hand and the knuckles to be facing straight up when gripping the racket. The further the hand is turned in a counter-clockwise direction, the easier it becomes to hit topspin ... but if you go too far towards an extreme backhand grip, handling low balls and pace will be a major problem."

Source: www.expert-tennis-tips.com

• Putting at the Golf Course: "Make sure your eyes are over the intended line of the putt (extended through and behind the ball). The fact is that you will see the line much more accurately if you place your eyes consistently in this position. Drop a ball from between your eyes after you assume your putting stance. It should fall on the extension of the intended line of the putt behind the ball."

Source: www.drputt.com

• Hacky Sack: Yes, people still play hacky sack. Check out video clips featuring hacky sack maneuvers at www.expertvillage.com/interviews/hackysack.htm


• Gardening: "Think of gardening as a workout, and schedule 30 minutes to an hour of it at least three times a week. Break longer gardening sessions into two- to three-hour time periods instead of all-day undertakings. The 30 minutes before sunset can be a particularly tranquil time to schedule your 'workouts.'"

Source: www.back2health4you.com

• Reading a Compass: "Compass readings are also affected by the presence of iron and steel objects. Be sure to look out for and stay away from knives, belt buckles and so forth when using a compass in the field."

Source: www.wilderness-backpacking.com

• Buying a Mountain Bike: "If you're looking for a bike for off-road use, but haven't ridden off road, try renting a bike. Many local bike shops rent bikes and can also recommend trails for you to give you a good idea of the sport."

Source: www.dirtworld.com

• Starting a Campfire: "Since a nonexpert's chances of making fire by primitive methods (such as with bow drills) are practically nil, you should always carry matches and lighters in waterproof bags. A flint-and-steel set provides extra security, because it still works after being soaked."

Source: www.nationalgeographic.com


• Grilling a Steak: "For best results, make sure the steaks are no thicker than one and a half inches. Steaks that are best for grilling have thin streaks of fat running through them. This soft internal fat partially melts during cooking and keeps the steak from drying out."

Source: www.ehow.com

• Marinating Ribs: "Ribs can be marinated in the fridge overnight, or you can do like me and just put on a good dry rub minutes before smoking them. It is all a matter of preference; however, the one thing that I feel is highly important is removing the membrane or fell. Smoking ribs is to impart flavor as well as to cook the meat ... Removing this membrane allows the smoke to penetrate the meat and give the meat more flavor."

Source: www.smoking-meat.com

• Grilling Corn: "Husk corn and discard silk; wrap each ear loosely with aluminum foil. Over gas or hot coals, place corn onto a hot grill over medium heat. Cover barbecue with lid, open any vents, and cook fifteen to 20 twenty minutes; turn occasionally."

Source: www.whatscookingamerica.net

• Counting Coals: "As a general rule, plan on using about 30 briquettes to cook one pound of meat. A five-pound bag contains 75 to 90 briquettes. Make sure you have enough briquettes to cover the grill pan in a single layer, extending about two to three inches beyond the area of the food on the grill."

Source: www.busycooks.about.com

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