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More adventures in La-la land


When the forecast threatened Charlotte with snow and all the stores sold out of milk and bread, I figured I'd just escape the snowpacalypse and migrate west to ride out the winter. Regrettably, however, this caused me to miss CIAA in Charlotte. Thus I missed P-Diddy's party at ... The Ramada Inn? But I did get to attend The Jamie Foxx Show party in L.A. -- and that somewhat made up for missing the CIAA parties, I guess.

I touched down in L.A. at 8:30 p.m. -- changed into a dress in the bathroom of LAX, and went directly to the Congo Room where I was hanging with Mr. Cooper, aka Mark Curry, who was the emcee of the night. Live performers included Chaz Shepherd who plays Jamie Foxx's role in Dream Girls the musical, Macy Gray and Johnny Gill from New Edition. Next thing I know, Bobby Brown came out of nowhere to remind us about his prerogative and that he can still thrust his pelvis -- with a vengeance. Barry Bonds was there as well, spectating. But I still would have rather been in Charlotte ...

I legitimately missed the Queen City -- like a boyfriend I couldn't stop thinking about. I got to thinking of Charlotte as its own version of L.A.: Uptown as Hollywood, SouthPark as Beverly Hills, the lake as the beach. And I realized that the population of Charlotte may be smaller -- but it's better.

And thus decided no city is better to live in than Charlotte. The people make the place -- and you people, make this place. This city could even have its own little US Weekly -- it would just require a sports section. I mean, there are enough nightlife photographers here to make up the paparazzi. Because we're all stars in our own right -- and together in Charlotte, we can party like rockstars. And Hollywood can visit and party with us every now and then (thanks to nightlife venues shipping them in). So I'll just stick to living in la la land just in my head and keep my home where my heart is, and that's in Charlotte.

Oh, and I also met the unrequited love of my life -- Rob Dyrdek. Read how that worked out for me on my blog.

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