When: Thu., Aug. 1 2013

MOLOTOV More than a decade on from its debut LP, Donde Jugaran Las Ninas?, Mexico City’s controversial rap-metal collective Molotov is still loco after all these years. Molotov’s explosive cocktail of hardcore punk, jagged metal and bilingual rap fuels fight-the-power anthems that are equal parts justified outrage, incisive satire and juvenile humor. Their political stance has tagged the five-time Latin Grammy winners as the Spanglish Rage Against the Machine. Unlike that po-faced outfit, Molotov sports a wicked sense of humor, and their rhythmic, dual-bass-powered compositions are runaway trains that truly threaten to jump the rails. Provocative lyrics in “Frijolero,” a ranchero-flavored diatribe against Arizona’s anti-immigration laws, have drawn the ire of American conservatives. Less predictably, Molotov’s PC-free humor has landed them in hot water with Latino LGBT activists. Gay rights advocates say Molotov’s use of the words “puto” and “maricon” in song lyrics are intended as homophobic slurs. The band counters that in context, the terms are meant to target corrupt and cowardly politicians in Mexico. The truth may be unclear, but it is certain that Molotov will continue to court controversy.

Pat Moran

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