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Mo Stegall

Executive producer of Inventive Minds Media



Executive producer of Inventive Minds Media, a full-service media production company, Mo Stegall is a man with vision and drive. Through the use of media, he hopes to reach the youth of Charlotte and give voice to the generation that cries out to be heard through MySpace pages and text messages.

Stegall is currently involved in The S.E.L.F Show (Students Expressing Life Freely), an internet show for teens and young adults described as "Oprah and Jerry Springer meet 106 & Park." Stegall hosts the show and uses it to address a multitude of issues, ranging from homelessness and teen prostitution to relationships, as well as showcasing up-and-coming local talent.

"I did not start in this field," Stegall says. "It was always my dream to be a radio or TV personality. I went to school to be an accountant, but the only time I worked in the field was my internship."

Stegall has been in the Charlotte area for 10 years and loves it. He frequents Charlotte hot spot Blue. "My wife loves it," Stegall says, "You see anyone and everyone there!"

The S.E.L.F Show started in late 2002, filming at various locales in the Charlotte area including Eastland Mall and Northwest School of the Arts. Visit Stegall's MySpace page to check out some clips of the show: www.myspace.come/theselfshow.

"We did TV before, but this year we're doing the first half of the season on the internet. It's a huge market. Eighty-seven percent of our audience uses the Web, and they spend 72 hours a week on it!"

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