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Million Woman March

What did you think of the huge number of people, somewhere around a million, who showed up in Washington for last weekend's pro-choice rally?

Barbara Jenkins
Cleaning Company Executive
"My sister went and I was so proud of her, keeping the flame burning, standing up for her rights . . .I could kill her, though -- she wrecked the nice top I let her borrow for the march."

Allie Dunn
Restaurant Consultant
"I guess it's all right. But that Roe v. Wade thing kinda put a good friend of mine out of business back then; you know what I mean."

Bobby Gajanian
Automobile Salesman
"I am so pro-choice. But I tell you, my boss went to the rally and I didn't find out till Friday that I had to work in her place all weekend, so I had to cancel the cookout at the lake. I'm still pretty steamed."

Jacob Clanton
Soft Drink Distributor
"A million women, all of 'em in favor of abortion? Man, I wish I'd been there -- that's what I call opportunity knocking."

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