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Mike Hendrix


Mike Hendrix has achieved near-God-like status among those who revere public drunkenness as a lifestyle choice instead of a character flaw. Hendrix has forgotten more about practical jokes, bad puns and other juvenilia than most would ever admit to knowing. He is probably not as funny as he thinks he is, but what the hell. He doesn't mind at all if you've never heard of his old bands, the Belmont Playboys or The Painkillers -- although if he's well-known at all, it's for his years spent busting eardrums, breathalyzers, speed limits and sound barriers with that particular aggregation of neorockabilly ruffians. He still likes Harleys, and he did before it was cool to do so. Long before, in fact; Mike Hendrix is not getting any younger, and neither are you. And, like his time, his patience is running out. But he'll hang in there a bit longer yet, if only to see what comes next. He knows there's bound to be a good laugh in it somewhere. Meanwhile, here's some of Mike's favorite things (and favorite things to bitch about):

NOTE: No animals were harmed in the making of the accompanying photo, and certainly not Mr. Kitty, who can and will whip Mike Hendrix's ass if necessary. And has.

1. Internet radio. All kinds of good stuff of every genre or description, and with the added bonus of never knowing what's coming next.

2. Buell pistons. I got some Buell Thunderstorm heads for the Snortster a few years ago, but you need the pistons to really make the bike scream for mercy. So I ordered some, and will soon be little more than just some big dork holding on for dear life to a fleetingly visible flash of black lightning, a tenacious fly on a panicked cheetah's back. Hot dog!

3. Lame-ass "rock"-ified pop music masquerading as country. It seems to be just about over with as a cultural phenomenon, thank God, although there will always be lamentable pockets of resistance here and there. Hope Nashville learned a lesson from all this. But I doubt it.

4. Kinpeople. My friends and family and my wife. What can I say -- I'm a lucky man.

5. The Wild One. "Whaddya got?"