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Car salesman/security guard


What is your biggest turn-on?

I think these days, women can have things done with their mouths and with their chests, and the breasts and everything, but a girl can't necessarily have a stomach that's really nice. If a girl has a nice stomach that's genuine, that definitely does it for me. I like an athletic girl that can be a tomboy during the day and beautiful at night.

How would you describe your perfect date?

Being a sports guy, it'd be go out and have a nice dinner. Catch a basketball game -- whether it be college or pro; maybe a Bobcats game here in Charlotte. And end it having some wine.

What food do you associate with feeling sexy?

Some syrup with strawberries and whipped cream.

What's your favorite movie?

Gladiator or Remember the Titans. With Gladiator, it reminds me of myself. The guy in the movie, Maximus, becomes a slave and he's basically doomed. At least, everyone else thinks so, but he proves everybody wrong, fights his way out and no matter what they throw at him -- animals, barbarians -- he just always seems to come out on top. I try to relate to that. I love proving people wrong.

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