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Melina Fullwood, owner of Arnala's Cuisine



Melina Fullwood has worked in a number of Charlotte's finest eateries, and is now opening her own. Thanks to her experience in catering and running other restaurants -- and traveling to countries such as Italy, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Greece and India -- Arnala's Cuisine and Catering is sure to be well off under her management. Her hope for the restaurant is that that her customers will have a pleasant dining experience with delicious international cuisine, sided with great service, in a congenial atmosphere.

Creative Loafing: What did you learn from working in other restaurants in Charlotte?

Melina Fullwood: I learned from executive chefs about the intricate points of fine dining and the diversity of wines that are used with different entrees. Having worked as a server, I was able to learn first-hand the service that a customer expects in a fine dining restaurant.

How did you use the diversity of the many countries you've traveled to when forming the dishes on your menu?

Having lived and worked in different countries. It gave me the unique opportunity to eat foods not only in restaurants but also with many friends and their families, from which I acquired delicious recipes. I would like to feature a different country each month along with our regular menu. This would give me the opportunity to allow our customers to experience a variety of different ethnic cuisines.

What do you love most about working in the food industry?

It provides a challenge, and I also love the interaction with people that good food presents.

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