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Meet Concrete2Green



Concrete2Green, a new concept in using sports to produce social change, is a grassroots group in Charlotte working to turn inner city kids into soccer players.

According to a press release from C2G, "The company enters once abandoned fields of recreation in urban areas and revitalizes them, giving cities safe, pristine Edens for play. C2G supports 'green' initiatives in the inner city, promoting healthier living while addressing environmental concerns. The fresh locales serve as a central hub for the community, culture and creativity, returning a sense of kinship and pride back to the inner city."

C2G's co-founders, Akbar Majeed and Irvine Smalls Jr., plan to change how soccer is played and received in the United States -- where football means helmets, pads and bone crushing sacks. The organization's deeply held conviction is that soccer is not just a sport: It is an approach to metropolitan altruism. Futsal is a new concept to the American soccer enthusiast, and C2G assumes the mantle of Ambassador, popularizing the international soccer phenomenon in America.

"Outside of the obvious reasons why sports are good for youth, particularly inner city youth (keeps them focus, provides structure, helps fight obesity and the list goes on) our organization allows us to expose and attach them to the global community," Smalls explains. "This will broaden their experiences, and let them see that there are opportunities beyond their neighborhoods and the borders of the U.S."

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