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Mecklenburg County Residents Among Most Generous Givers in North Carolina



The holiday season is synonymous with spending money - but it’s more than just buying gifts. On Giving Tuesday alone, which lands on December 1 this year, hundreds of millions of dollars will be raised for charitable causes. However, this is just a fraction of what Americans donate throughout the year.

In a recent study, financial technology company SmartAsset dug into IRS data to find the places where residents were giving the most money for charitable causes and organizations. The study measured how much people donate as a percentage of their net income and the proportion of people in a given county who make charitable donations. According to the analysis, Mecklenburg County ranked among the most charitable in North Carolina.

For a look at how the top counties in North Carolina stacked up, check out the table below:


For more information on the study, including the methodology and infographic, check here: