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Matt Hylom's My Own Anxieties EP

Independent; Release date: Sept. 20, 2016



Local musician Matt Hylom (who we covered in more lengthy detail in our July edition) has finally released his debut EP. It's a soothing pop, electronic and acoustic medley that's solid over the course of five tracks. The album opens with "Look to the Stars," a track that mixes electronics and acoustics, as well as harmonic singing and flat rapping. It's a blend that goes well together and it opens the doors to exploring the various musical routes that Hylom is vocally gifted at tackling.

When we last chatted with Hylom, he told us that he enjoys deep, warm sounds that oscillate from synths; along with acoustics which give the music a live, raw feel. "There's some electronic elements, piano in the chorus, acoustic elements. It's more beat driven but not in a grandiose way," said Hylom.

The album's single, "Love, Life and Cancer," is a little more clubby than other tracks on the album. But there's a calming nature to the track with Hylom's vocals and a melodic chorus line that's hard to forget. The song was written when Hylom was in a dark place, pondering death after his wife had three miscarriages.

The third track on the album, "I Won't Forget" is reminiscent of heart warming music by popular singer/songwriters Ed Sheeran and Lukas Graham. Finger snapping and a mix of slow, harmonizing and fast, upbeat jabber give the track a mainstream appeal. More soft electronics and keys come together on "Give Me Everything" for a comforting love song with pop-electro elements. Finally, the album comes to a close with "Home" featuring keys and punchy electronic snippets. All-in-all, the EP is a great add to the pop rock collection. Order it or download for free at

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