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Mark Doepker is making his mark at The Art House


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Artist Mark Doepker, originally from Michigan, has lived in Charlotte for almost four-and-a-half years. He began taking art seriously in 2003 and has since created works based on the human body and inspired by group classes he has attended with live models. A primary goal for Doepker while taking the classes was to better develop his skills for drawing people. Doepker's solo exhibition, which opens Aug. 7 and continues through Aug. 31 at The Art House, is titled In the Meantime. The exhibition -- receptions on Aug. 7 and 21, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m., with live music -- will feature drawings, paintings and wall sculptures. The Art House is located in NoDa at 3103 Cullman Ave. For more details, call 704-962-9700.

Creative Loafing: Tell me about your art. What types of mediums do you use?

Mark Doepker: I work with figures a lot and have ideas for paintings that involve figures. When I had these ideas, I wasn't happy with the way I was drawing people, so I started going to a live drawing group, a group of artists that get together and draw from a live model. I did that to brush up my skills on drawing people, so I could involve them in future paintings. What this show has is what happened in the meantime. I am happy with the way I draw people now and this is a result of what has happened on the way to getting ready to do these paintings that I want to do. In the beginning, I started with pencils, just black and white, but I had to have colors. I quickly switched to markers, because they are quick. You can pop off a cap and draw with a marker. What I am using right now mostly are colored pencils.

How did you come up with the exhibition title?

My sister is visiting, and she was helping me come up with an idea for the show. I told her the same story about how I started drawing the people, so I could be happy with the way they look for the paintings I'm going to do down the road. And I said, "What I have now, what this is, is really going to be what happened in the meantime." And that's where the title comes from.

So in the future, will you do most drawings and paintings without using live models?

Yeah, I think I'm at that point. One thing, at the live drawing groups, you can interact and network with other artists and it helps keep the creative juices flowing, so to speak. But as I have an idea, I'm not always going to have someone available to sit this way or stand this way or put their arm or head or face this way. So yes, in the future, I'll be drawing on my memory, which sometimes is pretty good.


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