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Mark Baranowski's Top 5

A jack of all trades


Mark Baronowski has his hands in a lot of pots: writing, filmmaking, drawing and acting. He is currently writing music for his latest CD under the pseudonym Marquis, where he is "going in a lot darker direction -- a mix between The Cure, Marilyn Manson and Recoil."

1) Soundtrack: Baranowski is attracted to horror film soundtracks for the "thrill of the intense music."

2) Film: "Donnie Darko ... you have to watch the whole thing and really pay attention to it."

3) Art: "The only artist I really would try to get all of his work is Hieronymus Bosch. His stuff is pretty dark and has a blend of heaven and hell imagery. It's just really strange and morbid, sometimes strangely erotic images."

4) Literature: Baranowski enjoys true crime novels for the shock value. "Reading about the lengths and the lows that people go to make themselves feel better or to get some kind of stimulation from it, it shocks me."

5) Travel: "The only traveling we really do is to horror film conventions." Baranowski has produced, directed and starred in seven independent films.

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