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Mark Baranowski

Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Musician, Artist

Best Movie Theater: Eastern Federal Corporation's Starlight Stadium. Clean and spacious, not overly crowded. Comfortable stadium seating and top-notch sound make for a consistently pleasurable movie-going experience.

Best Place to Buy DVDs: Best Buy. Great selection and lowest prices. If they don't have it, let them know and they'll either order it or help you track it down.

Best Place to People-Watch: Carolina Place Mall. Whether relaxing in the food court or looking down from the second level, you're always guaranteed an interesting (and often attractive) display of your fellow Charlotte residents.

Best Neighborhood Bar: RiRa. Intimate atmosphere, great music (live or otherwise), food and spirits.

Best Computer Store: CompUSA. Stocks the latest hardware, software, media and more, all at a nice price.

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