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Manifest now stocks Warner Archive titles



A few weeks ago, when plugging my home-entertainment column View From The Couch, I wrote, "To enjoy the many made-to-order selections offered through the Warner Archive label, online is pretty much your only option." It appears I wrote in haste, because around the same time, the folks at Manifest Discs & Tapes, 6239 South Blvd., had just placed an order for dozens of Warner Archive DVDs to have on hand for interested customers.

Noticing the opportunity to fill a video void, Manifest general manager Adam Carmen elected to stock these under-the-radar releases in-house, thereby providing customers with the chance to easily purchase these titles and providing the venue with another unique hook, the sort that has allowed it to win countless Creative Loafing Best of Charlotte awards over the years.

The Warner Archive Collection website presently offers 1,038 made-to-order selections, so Manifest is clearly just getting its feet wet. As employee Joe Diaco stated, "We don't have all of them, but we're trying to get a majority of them. I'd say right now, we have about 50 in stock with lots more on the way."

The current selection is certainly wide-ranging and varied enough to include both acting legends (Edward G. Robinson in The Last Gangster) and acting jokes (Shaquille O'Neal in Steel), TV movies (the classic 70s horror yarn Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) and TV stars (SNL's Gilda Radner in her concert film Gilda Live), cult flicks (Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze) and cult performers (the title comics in Penn & Teller Get Killed). According to Carmen, titles that have already generated robust sales include the animated set Thundarr the Barbarian: The Complete Series, the late-70s camp outing Legends of the Superheroes, and the Kid 'n Play comedy Class Act.


• The theme for this year's Summer Film Series held at ImaginOn has been revealed: Shakespeare at the Movies. Eight titles will be screened throughout June, July and August, including the Taylor-Burton version of The Taming of the Shrew, Roman Polanski's Macbeth, and one of the many adaptations of Hamlet (hint: it's neither the Olivier nor Branagh take). Keep an eye on these pages for the complete schedule.

• Speaking of these pages, don't miss next week's Creative Loafing, when we'll offer a look at the summer movie season. Over 40 features are presently scheduled for release between now and Labor Day, from such mainstream blockbusters as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Cowboys & Aliens to more offbeat projects like The Tree of Life and The Beaver. Get the scoop here. C

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