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Maggie Sargent's Top Five



The vivacious Maggie Sargent is a filmmaker and CEO of Pure Creative, a local marketing communications firm. She is currently directing and producing a documentary about divorce in the Christian church.

1) Book: "Anna Karenina. I think Tolstoy understands humanity unlike any other author I have read. It is amazing to me that he can communicate the innermost thoughts of completely different people on such a deep level that they themselves couldn't have expressed better. I wish I could understand others that way."

2) Film: "Love, Actually. Well, anything Hugh Grant, actually. I especially like the first and last scenes that show actual footage of loved ones greeting each other in the airport. The film has a positive message about how the manifestation of love is different for everyone."

3) Music: "Anything Johnny Cash. His music shows that he didn't have all the answers, but he sure did ponder a lot of things. I admire that."

4) Restaurant: "Mama Ricotta's. Everyone should try their penne al vodka."

5) Hobby: "My hobby is my work. Since September, I have been traveling all over the Southeast for the documentary in search of people who have gotten a divorce and went through hell in their church because of it. The next project is a film about a Georgia father of 13 traveling the Appalachian Trail on behalf of dads everywhere. It is important to me to spend all the time I can on meaningful projects."

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