Maf Maddix, Caliba, Keyza Soulsay, Johnny Prophet, Ike Turnah, Lyrekal

When: Sat., Feb. 1 2014


Riffing off his arithmetic-themed moniker, introspective wordsmith Maf Maddix entitled his darkly dreamy 2013 single, “Squaring the Circle.” Using the ancient, insoluble geometric riddle as a metaphor for refusing to capitulate to impossible odds, Maddix crafted a track as mind-blowing as a spiral nebula, and as deep as a well to Hades. It’s par for the course for polymath Maddix, also known as cosmic broken-beats and dubstep artist Brother Aten, and as one-third of high-energy, mind-expanding hip-hop balancing act NDangR Species. Like NDangR, Maddix solo specializes in philosophical spoken-word flow, more exploratory sooth-saying than poetry slam bombast. With experimental production that accentuates sounds as much for their texture as their rhythm, Maddix’s words seem to emerge from our collective subconscious — pensive, moody, organic and a little ghostly. (Pat Moran)

Maf Maddix "Squaring the Circle " - Official Video from Camilo Perdomo on Vimeo.

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