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Mackey flexes political muscle

Confirms appointment as precinct chair


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In December, one of Creative Loafing's psychic friends predicted that Nick Mackey would change the world ... well, maybe just Mecklenburg County.

It turns out that she was right.

Mackey, the center of controversy since the Democratic Party's sheriff election two months ago, is still exerting his political rights. Last week, he applied and was granted approval to be a temporary precinct chair.

The county's Democratic precincts were ordered to be reorganized following the sheriff's election. Since then, Chipp Bailey was appointed Mecklenburg County sheriff; the head of the Democratic Party, David Erdman stepped down; the Rev. Al Sharpton came to town; and Mackey filed suit against the county and the board of county commissioners.

Outside of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, Mackey says, "They haven't seen the last of me."

He and his attorneys will meet sometime this week to discuss where they are heading with the lawsuit, says attorney John Gresham.

"The lawsuit is still pending and the defendant hasn't answered yet, which is what they are required to do."

James Ferguson, the attorney who had taken the lead on Mackey's case, has been working a trial in Asheville, says Gresham. So when he returns, Mackey's case might not be at the top of his agenda.

According to Gresham, the County Commissioners rushed to judgment by not allowing a second election by the Democratic Party.

"Mr. Mackey had been following the same loss process practiced by the Democratic Party for over 10 years," he says.


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