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Lust List 2014: Ryan



Age: 32

Job: Potent purveyor of cellphones

Go-to Pickup Line: "Less pickup lines, more conversation."

Ryan, a graduate from Ohio State University and former educator, now works in sales for Verizon Wireless. His bubbly nature is infectious and his charm will immediately set you at ease, like catching up with an old friend over coffee. He is a lover of music and enjoys supporting local DJs by frequenting shows around town. He is also a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan, card shark and fashion enthusiast. Apart from his general swagger and carefully styled ensemble, the thing that struck me most about Ryan was how earnestly he spoke of his fiancé, family and friends. "I'm the father of a beautiful 10-year-old daughter." When asked if he considers himself sexy, he says, "I consider myself different. ... Sexy, but in a different way. I do get a lot of compliments on my dimples."

Truth or Dare?


What is the most shameful thing that you've ever done on a date or in a relationship?

I once went through my girlfriend's phone. I didn't find anything and it was all about my own insecurity at the time. I confessed and she was upset, but she also appreciated my honesty.

Dude, that's not shameful — you came clean. You're a Boy Scout.

Ryan: [laughs] Yeah, I guess so.

Valentine's Day Word Association
Tell us the first word that pops into your head after you hear these Valentine's Day terms.


My favorite color!




Sincere. I'm big on cards and can spend 30 to 40 minutes picking one out. I love to write how I feel.

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