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Lust List 2014: Bradleigh


Age: 23

Job: Cute creator of coiffure

Go-to Pickup Line: None. "I will catch his eye and leave the rest to him."

It's easy to guess that Bradleigh is in the business of beauty. Every strand of her bright blonde hair is in place, her eyeliner meticulously applied. She owns an independent boutique salon inside of Sola Salons on South Boulevard and says that she always knew she wanted to be a hair stylist and makeup artist. Obviously and admittedly shy, Bradleigh says that building her business has helped her to come out of her shell a bit. "I think sexy is a strong word," Bradleigh says. "I think I'm cute, but I wouldn't use the word sexy." When it comes to the opposite sex, height, ambition and humor blow up her skirt: "Not having a career — something that they are passionate about or enjoy — is definitely a deal-breaker for me."

Truth or Dare?


I'll let you choose. Give me your pose if you were to grace the cover of Playboy, sing one chorus of your favorite love song, or show me your sexiest dance move.

Ummm ... I should have chosen truth, I don't want to do any of that. Too late to change?

OK, truth it is. What is the most shameful thing you have ever done on a date or in a relationship?

One time, my boyfriend was ignoring me while he was out with his friends. I knew where they were, so I showed up and yelled at him and slapped the drink out of his hand. I apologized later, but really, if he had just responded to me, it wouldn't have happened.

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