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Lust List 2010: The Ladies-Only Edition


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Roses, chocolate and champagne — those are things you give the object of your desire on Valentine's Day. But hot looks, hoots and hollers are what you're going to give Charlotte's lusty residents this year. And that's because, once again, it's time for the Lust List, Creative Loafing's annual ode to the city's sexiest citizens. For 2010, however, (as you can probably tell from the headline) it's all about the ladies.

This issue is our first all-female Lust List; it's a choice we made ... well ... 'cause women are just so much fun. Looking for an "All-Dudes" edition? Stay tuned. That'll be unleashed in the very near future. In the meantime, gaze and read on to find out what might get you in the door with these Charlotte hotties, how they stay fine even in the midst of a recession and more.

Jennifer, makeup artist

Kimberly, Chief operating officer

Stephanie, beauty enthusiast

Kristen, marketing representative

Jillian, student

Meigan, advertising Vice president

Ikia, civil engineer in training

Alessia, freelance journalist


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