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Lust (and roller derby) is in the air

And a few concerts to make you go "whew"


Heavy-ly rocking


The group Heavy performed as an opening act for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Centennial celebration on Jan. 18 at Grand Central.

I Wu you

Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan graced the Q.C. with their presence Jan. 20 at Amos'.

Any takers?

A potential lust lister poses as provocatively as she can for Creative Loafing's Lust List Casting Call, which was held at Madison's last Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Hiding behind her smile

Rock/soul diva Joi shields herself from the glare of the crowd at Tempo. She sang original and cover tunes on Friday, Jan. 25.

Roller skate combat

A Charlotte Roller Girl (clad in purple) goes head to head (or knee pad to knee pad) against a member of the Columbia Quad Squad. The inaugural bout was held at Cricket Arena on Jan. 27. For more information at the Clog blog

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