Lullwater, Across Tundras, S.I.Q., Nimh

When: Wed., April 25 2012

ACROSS TUNDRAS There’s a criminal abundance of heavy or aggressive bands that claim country influence, yet never seem to transcend cartoonish rockabilly tropes. We all love the Man in Black, natch, but do we really need uncreative musicians slapping on Cash shirts and mirror shades and stomping around like that ludicrous, distended wolf from Looney Tunes? Among all these wasted efforts, it’s an absolute relief to hear a band like Across Tundras. Sage, the latest LP from this Nashville trio, exists in a delicious and mean middle ground between heavy stoner rock and menacing outlaw country. I mean, Jesus, it’s like Kyuss meets Earth meets Waylon Jennings. Fuck the dude ranch; this brutal, mythologized version of the American West is as serious as it comes. (Corbie Hill)

Price: $6-$9

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