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Louis Gurgitano's top five

Founder, director of the Charlotte Film Festival



Louis Gurgitano is the founder and director of the Charlotte Film Festival.

1) Book: "The Death of Ivan Ilych [by Leo Tolstoy] is one of my favorite books. It deals with death in an incredible manner, it's like the most in-depth you can get."

2) Music: "Sixties rock is like my favorite. I don't know why; I grew up in the '80s. For some reason I really love that kind of music. Like Pink Floyd I love, Led Zeppelin, all of that stuff."

3) Restaurant: Blue. "I love that restaurant. They have the best fish there!"

4) Movies: "My favorite is A Clockwork Orange, and that's because it's almost like a social study on violence and the way we treat people."

5) Hobbies: "Lately I've got into dancing tango -- that's been exciting. I love the music. The lyrics are kind of, like, depressing though -- like the girl left him and the dog left him too and his mom is like dying or something. It's just really depressing."

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