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Looking into the future

Psychics weigh in on the new year



"I've seen the future and it will be. I've seen the future and it works." -- Prince

As 2008 gets started, Creative Loafing thought it would be cool to take a glance at things to come for the city. Two local psychics offered their predictions on some of 2007's hot button issues that are sure to take center stage this year.

• Nick Mackey: Psychic Mrs. Austin says that lax government in Washington has trickled down to Charlotte. "The whole government should be investigated," she says.

Psychic Mary Beth Wrenn says she senses that Sheriff-elect Nick Mackey will reveal his record. But if he doesn't do it early on, by May it will be revealed. "I see a law change on the book," she says. "It could be called the Mackey law and I think that's what he wants. He wants to change society and improve society."

Wrenn says that she doesn't think Mackey will be the actually sheriff for long, though and he's in for a fight.

• Mayor Pat and the gubernatorial race: Both psychics believe Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory will run for governor of North Carolina. Wrenn even thinks that McCrory is going to win.

"If you think the population is huge now, wait until Pat McCrory is governor. We're going to have tunnels from Raleigh to Charlotte."

Wrenn sees McCrory becoming an icon in state politics, sort of like a Ronald Reagan figure.

Mrs. Austin says that the mayor is "antsy."

"He's shooting for a star," she says. "But he needs to do a better job here before he goes to Raleigh."

• Charlotte's economy: The psychics have slightly different views of where Charlotte is heading financially in the New Year.

Mrs. Austin believes that we're in a recession, even if no one wants to admit it.

"People need to take a very hard look at the news and value their money," she says adamantly.

Wrenn, on the other hand, sees Charlotte as being protected from the financial woes that other cities around the nation are facing.

"I sense the economy in Charlotte will slow down to a simmer, but the bubbles will still be there."

Wrenn predicts that the Queen City is well on its way to becoming that next business Mecca that will attract companies that are just starting out and there's a billionaire with a comb-over that she feels is in Charlotte.

"I think Donald Trump is coming along," she says.

Wrenn, who had moved to Atlanta last year, feels so strongly about Charlotte's growth that just weeks ago she returned to the city.

• Kyle Fleischmann: Mrs. Austin didn't want to go on record with her vision in this case. But she says, "I feel sorry for the family."

Wrenn believes that the criminals in the case will be found before the body.

Do you feel like you need to know your own personal future? Call Mrs. Austin at 704-567-2795. Mary Beth Wrenn can be reached at 704-566-8300.

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