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Local CD review: Damsel Down



The Deal: Concord quartet independently releases debut album, Now We Rise, on March 20.

The Good: Damsel Down's music lies in that radio-friendly brand of metal – melodic lyrics combined with heavy drumming and some loud and energetic guitar riffs. It's music that's built for clubs and larger venues – you won't hear this blowing the doors off of a small place. There aren't a lot of local bands in this genre, of this quality – most of them sound more basement-friendly. There are some '80s metal elements in here, as well, but without sounding dated.

The Bad: There's good energy in the music, but I sometimes found myself straining to hear the lyrics being sung – sometimes muddied and mumbled or even lost behind the music in the mix.

The Verdict: The 10 songs are well written for the genre of music they're in – it's the kind of music that sounds familiar in its hook-ness, though I can't say it was completely original or memorable. It's solidly done, on par with opening acts at a live show where you think, "That opening band wasn't bad ..." but sadly forget about them three days later, or heard on the radio without wondering who it is. It's solid in its foundation, but lacks that certain "something" to help set it apart from the pack. The band will be opening for Corey Smith on May 28.

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