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Live Review: The New Familiars



The Deal: Local Americana act brings along some friends to get down and dirty at The Double Door Inn on Feb. 2.

The Good: The night opened with an impressive set by Greensboro's Wholly Ghost Tent Revival, who danced, stomped, screamed and shook their way into the crowd's collective heart. The New Familiars may have only released a couple of EPs, but they aren't lacking for material in their live show. The band tore through a set that seemed to last forever – in a good way. Covers of Huey Lewis and Pink Floyd were mixed into a plethora of originals that had the crowd sweating, grooving and enjoying every strum of the banjo, every pick of the dobro, every scream, harmony or heart-felt note. Both sets were reminiscent of the live energy put forth by The Avett Brothers with more than a trio producing the music.

The Bad: Not one thing.

The Verdict: A perfect pairing of the Wholly and Familiar. There's something infectious about bands that play their ever-loving hearts out, have a great time and let it all hang out for the entire performance.

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