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LIve Review: Matchbox Twenty, Alanis Morissette, MuteMath

Cricket Arena, Jan. 29, 2008



The Deal: '90s hit-makers bring along the newbies for four-hour show.

The Good: The buzz before the show was about Matchbox Twenty and Alanis, but it was MuteMath that got the crowd going first. The band hammered away on just a few songs, but left after a drum-pounding fury. It's no surprise that the band is often found on "Best Live Acts" lists and it was great to see that their show translated well to a big stage. Alanis paced back and forth through hit after hit in her hour-long set – with a new song or two sprinkled in for good measure. Matchbox Twenty also laid on a hit-heavy, two-hour set on a stripped-down stage having left some of their broken lighting rig in Atlanta the previous night. Rob Thomas' voice hit its peak on "Downfall" and the band served up a great version of The Beatles/Joe Cocker's "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window."

The Bad: It's sad there weren't more people inside when MuteMath rifled through their four-song set. Matchbox Twenty has plenty of hits under their belt, but after a while, they started to sound alike. Guitarist Paul Doucette had some technical problems and wound up throwing his guitar offstage at his tech, but the band played on.

The Verdict: While all three acts sounded good, it was MuteMath that stole the show.

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